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This started as a mash-up of Liz Taylor and The Cure, inspired by an hilarious meme that features a photo of an older, plump, blue eye shadowed Liz mocked up as a vinyl album cover from THE CURE. My pop cartoon version looks like Liz, and the similarity between her make up and Bob's is obvious, but it didn't seem clear enough that this was a Cure mash-up. Placing "The Cure" logo on it would be cheating.


So I started this 2nd piece, Old Bob, modeled after John Belushi's portrayal of Liz Taylor stuffing her face with fried chicken, appearing by remote on SNL's Weekend Update. I don't know that this version really works as a mash-up either, maybe it's just a parody piece. Either way, it makes me laugh! I hope you enjoy it, too.

Old Bob (The Cure/Liz Taylor Mash-Up/Parody)

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