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(Originally posted to FB March 14th, 2021.) Done in my Portrait Journal, this Jimi piece is the first traditional (non digital) painting I have done since I regained my ability to draw a year ago - probably the first traditional Painting I have done in at least 8 years. I will be donating 25% of the proceeds of this piece to Parkinson’s charities and research.


Prints now available at my site. The Prints come in a range of sizes and media, starting at 12" x 8" and going up to 4ft x 3ft. Available on Mid-Gloss Metal, Canvas Gallery Wrap, and Watercolor Paper. I always recommend the Metal. It costs a bit more but doesn’t require a frame and they are gorgeous! You can select all the options you like to get your price. They start at $45 for 12x8" on Watercolor Paper (unframed, though framing options are available).



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