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(Posted to FB 04/21.) This is the look Jerry had on his face when I, aged 12, walked into his living room to find him sitting in front of the tv, strumming an unplugged electric guitar, and hoarsely singing a Grateful Dead tune. (I just recalled he would plug into a tiny portable amplifier with headphones so HE at least could hear the guitar.)  Well aware as I was that millions of Deadheads would’ve killed to be in my shoes, the scene was somehow so preposterous I couldn’t contain my laughter. Jerry didn’t mind though. I can still hear him. “Hey Omaha, come on and sit down.” His daughter Annabelle and I would sit with him by the TV talking about movies, comics, and music. (For some reason I was surprised that he was always hip to the “cool” new bands.) We'd hang out for hours, Jerry periodically nodding off in his easy chair. (I didn’t get that until a year or two later.)


How odd is it that I saw The Terminator with Jerry, Annabelle, and Tom Davis (SNL), Jerry driving us around Marin County in his BMW? Jerry and Tom were supposed to be co-writing a screenplay to Vonnegut’s THE SIRENS OF TITAN. I personally never saw them progress past flash cards on a bulletin board. I kinda suspected it was just an excuse to hang out, but that made perfect sense - I went over at every opportunity. Jerry was always fun to talk with and absolutely one of the smartest humans I’ve known in my life (Annabelle being another). I know I’m very fortunate to have those memories. Love you, Jerry! I sure do miss you.


The Jerry portrait is available at my site at a variety of sizes and media (I always suggest the Metal prints) starting at around $50. This being Parkinson's Awareness Month, and myself being an artist with Parkinson's I have pledged to donate 25% of any profits to Parkinson's charities.


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