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" of the comic book forms most unique and memorable epics, produced by one of our most unique and memorable talents."

-J.M. DeMatteis, from his Foreword


  • Standard Softcover - Cover A by Omaha Perez
  • 120 pages (Color)
  • SIGNED by Omaha Perez
  • FOREWORD by comics legend J.M. DeMATTEIS
  • includes the rare 6 pager done in collaboration with GRATEFUL DEAD lyricist ROBERT HUNTER
  • Finalist for a North Street Book Prize
  • Funded on Kickstarter
  • Free Shipping!! (US only)



3500 years ago, Hindu gods transform a group of young monks and leave them to shepherd mankind on its journey. But even gods have human liabilities, and Kali, goddess of destruction, plants a murderer among them. San Francisco, 2010. A madman sees into other dimensions, a hospital orderly’s karmic corruption makes him prey to dark powers, a middle-aged man from India unravels under the guilt of having murdered his wife in a “kitchen fire.” What links these men? Who is the Many-Eyed Man who attempts to steer their lives onto the appropriate karmic courses?The ages old betrayal by Kali and her servant plays out over the centuries climaxing in modern day San Francisco.


BODHISATTVA: INSTANT KARMA collects the 75 page story from my self-published black & white Bodhisattva GN from 2005, with a 12-pager, a 6-pager, and multiple guest pin-ups. I have made numerous art and script fixes, re-lettered it entirely, and it features Paul Little's gorgeous color work throughout. This is a truly RE-MASTERED edition. 120 pages of art and comics... with a Foreword by legendary comics writer J.M. DeMatteis!


SKU: Standard A
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