Meeting THE POLICE pt.1

(Posted 1/28/21) I have been a massive Police fan since I was a kid in the early 80s. My interest in Sting’s solo career peaked with his second solo record, Nothing Like The Sun. When The Soul Cages came out I thought, “What is he doing?! He needs to reform The Police!!” Soon after I had the opportunity to meet him in Chicago and I had it in my head that I would be the one to convince him to get The Police back together. When I did meet him he was so disarmingly nice I abandoned the whole thing, thinking, “Who the fuck am I? I’m just some kid to him!”

I showed him the original of this piece, a double page spread in my Portrait Journal. Before signing it he said, “My head’s a bit big…” I thought, “I’m not touching that!!” “But it’s quite good.” I mumbled a thanks and wandered off to enjoy his set with my friends.

He was staying in the same hotel as my mom, the Ritz Carlton I believe. My mom (who is the same age as Sting) was in the gym doing yoga when Sting came in to do yoga himself. My mom introduced herself and said, “I’m Omaha’s mom.” He said, “Yes, Omaha. Nice guy.” Weird.

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